Banner image by LiveNLove7, depicting an anthro snow leopard and an anthro shark merging together

Welcome to my site!

While I'm actively working on renovating my little corner of the net, if you're interested in where you can already find all my neat stuff, you're looking for my profile, where I've put all my video and tabletop game creations.

Need a TTRPG you only play with one-sided dice? A dungeon crawler where you turn into a fox? A deck of cards that's also a multitool? I've got you covered!

Aug 2023 site update!

Animated construction worker growing pointed ears and a fluffy tail.

I've added a blog section, made with Zonelets! I'll be reposting some stuff from other sites there in the near future, and hey, maybe writing up some progress on the projects I'm currently working on.