Neat Links

Whenever I find something especially cool online, I'll try to remember to link it here. Browse around, hopefully you'll find something new!

Just for fun

  • One Book, Many Readings - A beautiful and interactive dataviz project analyzing the Choose Your Own Adventure book series.
  • Corru.Observer - An incredibly impressive (and still ongoing!) web game/hypertext story thing.
  • - Tons of silly web toys.
  • ABA Games - Dozens of tiny yet wonderful browser games.
  • Antonymph - Super impressive browser-based music video. (Desktop only!)
  • Living Worlds HTML - A web-based recreation of Living Worlds, a collection of extremely high quality time-adaptive pixel art.
  • Immsim Discovery Queue - An extensive catalog of immersive sim (and immsim adjacent) games.
  • Death Generator - Foone's project letting people make game characters say anything in extremely accurate ways.
  • NEWRegexle- A daily word guessing game à la Wordle, where you guess Regex expressions by trying words against them.

Making video games

  • Decker - Robust HyperCard-ish multimedia creation tool.
  • Bitsy - Tiny game making tool, like if RPGMaker was pared down to only the bare minimum needed to tell an interactive story.
  • Twine - Tool for making text-based games. I think it's one of the easiest game making tools to learn.
  • Blue's Twine Tutorials - Easy tutorials for creating interactive stories in Twine.

Making board games

  • nanDECK - The card deck creation tool I personally use.
  • Les ludistes origamistes - Origami for organizing board games.
  • TemplateMaker - Template generator for creating tuckboxes (and other simple papercraft) to specific dimesnions.
  • - A wide selection of stylistically-consistent and readable CC-BY icons, very useful for prototyping tabletop games.
  • NEW Yarn Spinner for Books - A tool for easily making gamebooks typeset in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Making art, more generally

  • Comics Devices - TONS of techniques for making effective comics, with illustrated examples!
  • Ableton - Learn Music - Fun, free, and highly interactive music making tutorial (not just applicable to Ableton).
  • Ableton - Learn Synths - A course similar to the previous one, but focused on synths.
  • Artvee - High quality scans of public domain art, which have themselves been released into the public domain.
  • Beepbox - Browser-based music making tool.
  • x6udpngx's Animal Reference - Find references for animal heads in different positions.
  • Ceaser - Tool for customizing easing on CSS animations.
  • Blambot - Fonts, free for use in independent comics (only comics though, all other uses require a purchased license).

Other useful tools

  • Everything - Lets you search your entire (Windows) PC in seconds. Useful enough I have it bound to a key on my keyboard.